Welcome West Aussie Students!

So you’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of your high school education – Yr11 & 12 ATAR English!

You're facing a year of hard slog, your social life has officially been put on hold, your parents or caregivers are breathing down your neck worse than Lord Smaug (that's an allusion BTW - great literary technique!) and no matter how much you Google you can’t find anything online to help you tackle the year ahead.  Nothing, nada, zilch!

Feeling just a teensy weensy bit of pressure?  RELAX – you are NOT alone!  And you’ve come to the right place.

The ATAR English Hub has been designed to assist WA students following the Year 11 and 12 ATAR English pathway (Units 1-4).  Whether you are a high flyer or a student who is on a promise that, come hell or high water, you WILL get that 50% pass needed to enter Uni, then there is something here for you.

  1. Visit THE STUDENT CORNER - lots of free tips, advice and things to get you thinking.
  2. Visit THE TUCK SHOP to find a wide variety of resources.  Some of it's FREE, some of it you can pay for.

A BIG GIDDAY to our Outback students!

If you are an ATAR English student living in rural WA then you might be feeling kinda isolated in terms of not having someone around to bounce ideas off, or being able to seek expertise in this subject.  You could be miles away from the nearest school.  You may be only one of two Year 12 students in your school.

The concept for this website originated with YOU in mind.  Get involved in the online discussions or just sit back and read what other students have to say.  We learn a lot just by listening to and reading other people's ideas and opinions.

If there's something you feel you need, get in touch with us via the Contact form and we will see what we can do you for you 🙂