Writing from a different PERSPECTIVE

The COMPOSING SECTION of your ATAR exam, or an internal creative writing assessment for your teacher, is where you may be asked to write from a different perspective.

PERSPECTIVE is an ATAR course concept that is designed to encourage ATTITUDES in Australian students such as empathy, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, compassion and the like.

To quote the great Atticus Finch, "You never really understand a person until you climb into [their] skin and walk around in it."   The concept of PERSPECTIVE is trying to make you see the world from someone else's point of view, understand their perspective of things.

When COMPOSING a piece of writing that offers a PERSPECTIVE different to your own, you might consider offering the PERSPECTIVE of:

  • an elderly person
  • a homeless person
  • a refugee
  • a parent
  • a transgender person
  • an Aboriginal child being taken from their family in 1920s (Stolen Generation)
  • a celebrity
  • a zombie / vampire / wizard / werewolf etc
  • a person suffering from depression
  • an athlete going for gold
  • a girl growing up in Afghanistan
  • who is not allowed to go to school OR who has been kidnapped by Boko Haram
  • a soldier in WWI, WWII, Middle East
  • a Jew during WWII
  • a Rohingya person fleeing Burma
  • an astronaut about to leave for Mars
  • a victim of child trafficking

The list is endless!

Try and get to the heart of that person's ATTITUDES towards life, people, themselves.  What do they VALUE?  Why do they act/think the way they do?  How might their experiences shape them?

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF writing from an UNUSUAL or UNEXPECTED PERSPECTIVE?  This was a requirement in the 2016 WACE ATAR English examination.

What about writing from the PERSPECTIVE of an ANIMAL?

  • being hunted in the wild
  • in a loving family
  • living in a zoo
  • involved in animal testing
  • on the verge of extinction
  • a victim of abuse
  • lost/homeless

How interesting and unusual would that be?  And imagine the VOICE you could create!

Or what about writing from the PERSPECTIVE of an INANIMATE OBJECT:

The COMPOSING SECTION is all about showing off your creativity.

Being asked to write from a different PERSPECTIVE can be really fun.  Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!



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