An effective strategy for memorising quotes is to use flash cards or palm cards.

Write or type the full quote on a flashcard, and then put a few key words on the other side.

Practise memorising the quotation on the card, recalling the missing words as you rehearse the quote.  Test yourself regularly.

Then, gradually reduce the key words each day until you can remember the entire quote off by heart.

This is a GREAT strategy because you are forcing your memory to RECALL the missing words which means it works a little better than just reading the quotes over and over and over.

Run through the flashcards 3 or 4 times a day. Give the cards to a friend or family member and ask them to test you.

The full quote is on the back of the flashcard, so they can tell you if you’re on track and prompt you if you need it.

Before you know it, you’ve memorised 10 quotations – and you should feel damn proud!  Nice job! 😊

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