Comprehending, Responding


One of the problems many ATAR students have is that they don’t ELABORATE enough when responding to a text:
“…..and this made me feel sad.”
Never fear – one very simple word can help you:  BECAUSE
Look at the terrific advertisement from Canon below.
There are a LOT of very effective VISUAL FEATURES:  juxtaposition, foregrounding, focus, gaze, clothing, setting, props, facial expression, body positioning, use of stereotypes, celebrity endorsement, direct address etc.
Imagine we are asked to explain how visual techniques encourage us to RESPOND:
“The juxtaposing of the supermodel and the homeless man MAKES ME FEEL SAD.”
Okay - now how can we ELABORATE on this?
  • “….makes me feel sad BECAUSE I don’t think that our governments are doing enough to help people on the streets.”
  • “….makes me feel sad BECAUSE this man can’t even afford basics like food and shelter, yet people that have the ability to help him are wasting money on meaningless things.”
  • “….makes me feel sad BECAUSE in our society the rich seem to be getting richer, while more and more people are becoming poorer.”
Using the word BECAUSE forces you to give a REASON – and your values, attitudes and beliefs are deeply embedded in these reasons (even though you may not realise it!).  🙂

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