When we go to the movies, we hope to be entertained by a jolly good story.

But there are many films out there that, in telling their story, they also give an individual or group a VOICE. Therefore, they don’t only entertain, but they serve a PURPOSE – to present someone else’s PERSPECTIVE.

🎬 "Rabbit Proof Fence" gives a VOICE to the Aboriginal children who were removed from their families by the government and presents their PERSPECTIVE.


🎞️ "Perks of Being a Wallflower" gives a VOICE to teens struggling with depression, presenting their PERSPECTIVE on what it’s like to live with the mental illness.


🎥 "Schindler’s List" tells the story of a courageous German businessman living in Nazi Germany who tried to save as many Jews as he could during the Holocaust. An extraordinary man, Spielberg’s film gave him a VOICE to tell his story, to present his PERSPECTIVE.


🎬 "Hidden Figures" gives a VOICE to the African-American female mathematicians behind the space missions during the Space Race. The film presents their PERSPECTIVE of what it was like to be a part of NASA at this time.


🎞️ "Bend it Like Beckham" gives a VOICE to Indian girls, presenting their PERSPECTIVE on breaking down stereotypes and balancing life in two different cultures (Indian and British)


🎥 "Milk" gave a VOICE to gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk and his PERSPECTIVE on the limited rights of gay people in the late 1970s.

Again, we could go on forever! You get the idea 

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