👨‍🏫  STUDY TIPS!  👩‍🏫

Here's a few suggestions to help you in your exam prep.  Feel free to add any of your own tips below - we're all in it TOGETHER! 🤪

🥛 Hydrate - water is best, caffeine good (but not too much!)

🍕 Eat - you're gonna get hungry!

💨 Fresh air - windows open, get outside every hour or so, breathe deeply, stretch, play with the dog.  Be sure to go back to the books!

🎵 Music - fine if it doesn’t distract you.  Classical music while studying can actually encourage better brainwave movements! If you find yourself drumming like a maniac on the desk...turn it off! 😂

🛸 Study environment - good lighting, comfortable temperature, put distractions (PS4/XBox, Dr Who box set, mobile phone) out of sight.  DON'T study IN/ON your bed. Your mind will associate your bed with study and you will be frustrated when you can’t get to sleep.

😴 Get plenty of sleep!

👨‍💻 Create a STUDY PLAN that allows equal time for all subjects.  Block it out over the next two weeks like you would a school timetable.  Plan to cover the necessary content for each subject.  INCLUDE down time in your schedule - hanging with mates, family time, "me" time.  Studying shouldn't be painful and your brain needs a break now and then 🤬😡🤮 If you hate it, it makes it harder.  Reward yourself for every 1-2hrs of hard slog! 😇  Mmmm, Krispy Creme donut...

👩‍💻 Figure out the best way for YOU to retain the information.  Are you a VISUAL LEARNER? Get busy with diagrams, mind maps, images etc.  Are you a ROTE learner?  Get busy with flashcards, stick information all over you bedroom walls, all over the house for that matter! Stick a maths formula on the back of the toilet door.  Who cares if the whole family memorises it!  Are you an AUDITORY learner?  Record yourself reading important quotations, notes, formulae, facts etc and listen to them while you go for a walk.

🧐 Memorising QUOTATIONS - there's a great post about how to do this on earlier on our page.  Go find it!

👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 Use your teachers!  If they said they'd be available for help up to the exam, USE THEM!  Write a practice response on a novel/film or comprehending passage.  Take it to them and get some FEEBACK.  Harras them! 😉  You will find they are more than willing to help you!

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