Who are you putting your faith in?

A fully qualified English teacher with 20 years experience teaching in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.  For the last 10 years I have been teaching here in Perth, Western Australia.

I know there are many students out there struggling with ATAR English.  It’s a tough gig!  It’s not like Maths or Science where you learn some formula and can be guaranteed of the content that will appear in your final exam.  Oh no no no.  With English, you don’t know what you’re gonna get and you need to be ready for anything.

I felt that there wasn’t enough out there to support students in ATAR English specifically so I set up this website to provide assistance for W.A. students who may be feeling isolated or are struggling in their ATAR English journey.  It's not easy but hang in there, do the best you can and remember that with English, all sorts of interpretations are welcome by the markers - you just gotta be able to justify yourself.

Qualifications (the nitty gritty stuff!)

  • Bachelor of Arts (English major)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary School)
  • Working With Children Card
  • Department of Education Licence
  • Teaching Registration Board of WA Certificate
  • NAPLAN marker
  • WACE marker
  • Loads of marking experience across a number of different year levels, schools and countries
  • Hands on teaching and creation of new ATAR English programmes (Units 1-4), developing ATAR specific programmes, external marking for other schools and providing feedback to students, one-to-one tuition with students from various schools around Perth.